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Honor System Handbook

The procedures outlined on this website are intended to aid the Honor Council in its efforts to ascertain the facts of a matter and to reach a just decision. They do not confer any contractual rights on the accused. Circumstances can differ greatly between cases, and the Chair of the Council or Student Judicial Programs may need to modify the procedures in a particular case in order to reach a timely and just decision.

Constitution of the Honor System (Amended March 2017)

The Constitution is the governing document of the Honor System.

Honor Council By-Laws

The By-Laws lay out specific duties of the Honor Council not related to handling suspected violations.

Honor Council Procedures

The Procedures detail how the Investigation, Hearing, and Appeals processes are carried out by the Honor Council and Appellate levels.

Conduct of Examinations

The Conduct of Examinations establishes guidelines for administering exams at Rice University under the Honor System.

Academic Fraud and the Honor System

Sets forth what is considered Academic Fraud under the Honor System.

Acknowledgement of Sources

This document explains how to properly acknowledge sources in academic work and includes helpful examples to understand plagiarism as well as proper paraphrasing.