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Honor Code

Why Honor?

The Rice University community speaks out about the importance of the Honor System:

The Honor System at Rice reflects one of our strongest shared community values.  Of course, it provides us wonderful benefits in our educational programs, including take home exams and unproctored exams.  But much more than this, the Honor System also elevates our common experience by placing academic honesty at the center of our curriculum and by asking each of us to live by our honor code on a daily and continuing basis.  The Honor System expresses our belief that the integrity of each individual is vital to the integrity of our entire community.  In the conclusion to his book “The Honor Code,” Professor Anthony Appiah states “It takes a sense of honor to feel implicated by the acts of others.”  It is that sense of honor which is deeply embedded in the Rice community, which is expressed by our Honor Code, and which is lived by every individual Rice student, staff and faculty member.

–Dr. John S. Hutchinson, Dean of Undergraduates, Professor of Chemistry






I think the Culture of Honor prepares you for life after Rice. It helps you become a better citizen, and teaches you how to have integrity without someone standing over your shoulder.

–Jason Isaacs, Jones 2016